My work focuses on the staging of human body parts: in my compositions, I organize the confrontation between the living and objects which blur the dividing lines and more generally questions the representation.
This photographic work also evokes the world of contemporary dance and dream inventions such as those by Magritte.
Rigor of framing, use of natural light and the choice of large size gives great strength to the images. 

For me, photography starts with looking at light. What does it want to tell us ?
In Paris I see light reflections that appear on walls. Sometimes I see them as characters, a play of light... They are created by mirrors or windows of buildings. I am fascinated by the images that I see. They show another world within a city... 
I can be surprised by the fleeting reflection on a street corner, which shows me a world full of imagination far from the daily life of Paris. For me, it is nature that appears in the city. As a wink... A touch of tenderness on the walls. 
I chose to be a photographer to express poetry, humanity…life. I love finding unexpected instant moments. These are moments of gratitude for me. 

A new series of photos about nudes ... Pictures taken from different angles, in color or black and white. Always with natural light which I love. I like its softness, finesse. Pictures which suggest a story, the style of which can be abstract at times emphasis on body lines ...
I like the photographers Lucien Clergue for its beautiful pictures of female sensual bodies and Irving Penn for his beautiful treatment of natural light in black and white and how he captured the persons in his portraits.
I'm looking for poetry within the image that gives space to the imagination. I want to express the softness and sensitivity of the body. Expressing the living body, proud to be ... In its beauty and fullness.

After working for several years on Parisian light, I turned my focus to landscape photography ... Photos in color and black and white I took in the lovely village Sainte Vertu in Burgundy near Chablis. Inspired by nature itself ...beautiful walks... I am touched by the light, play of shadows and lights, nature when she wakes up in the morning and bursts in the evening ... I love her sweetness and lovely colors, peaceful ... A great gift that nature offers us every day ... every moment.
How can we not love it ???