• images/Slideshow/Series_La_lumier_parle_01_PP.jpg, [b]L'oeuf[/b],Fine art pigment print,114 x 82 cm,edition 6,2003
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  • images/Slideshow/La_Lumiere_parle/Series_la_lumiere_parle_036_PP.jpg,
  • images/Slideshow/La_Lumiere_parle/Series_La_Lumiere_parle_16_PP.jpg, [b]Soleil[/b],c-print,24 x 30 cm,edition 25, 2003

For me, photography starts with looking at light. What does it want to tell us ?
In Paris I see light reflections that appear on walls. Sometimes I see them as characters, a play of light... They are created by mirrors or windows of buildings. I am fascinated by the images that I see. They show another world within a city... 
I can be surprised by the fleeting reflection on a street corner, which shows me a world full of imagination far from the daily life of Paris. For me, it is nature that appears in the city. As a wink... A touch of tenderness on the walls. 
I chose to be a photographer to express poetry, humanity…life. I love finding unexpected instant moments. These are moments of gratitude for me.