• images/Slideshow/Paysage/IMG_8053.jpg, [b]Lever de soleil Sainte Vertu[/b],Fine art print,ed.15,2020
  • images/Slideshow/Paysage/Le_Serein_Philip_Provily.jpg, [b]Le Serein[/b],dibond white,53x80 cm,2015
  • images/Slideshow/Paysage/Le_Serein1_Philip_Provily.jpg, [b]Le Serein[/b],dibond white,57x80 cm,2015
  • images/Slideshow/Paysage/Les_arbres_Philip_Provily.jpg, [b]Golden trees[/b],dibond white,53x80 cm,2015
  • images/Slideshow/Paysage/Les_arbres1_Philip_Provily.jpg, [b]Golden trees[/b],dibond white,53x80 cm,2015
  • images/Slideshow/Paysage/IMG_1561.jpg, [b]Coucher de soleil[/b],dibond white,30x40 cm,2014
  • images/Slideshow/Paysage/IMG_1563.jpg, [b]Coucher de soleil[/b],dibond white,30x40 cm,2014
  • images/Slideshow/Paysage/IMG_7893.jpg, [b]Flax fields[/b],Fine art print,30x40 cm,ed.15,2020
  • images/Slideshow/Paysage/Paysage-5447.jpg, [b]Sainte Vertu[/b],2016
  • images/Slideshow/Paysage/Paysage-1548.jpg, [b]Irancy[/b],2015
  • images/Slideshow/Paysage/IMG_8507.jpg, [b]Burgundy[/b],Fine art print,30x40 cm,ed.15,2020

After working for several years on Parisian light, I turned my focus to landscape photography ... Photos in color and black and white I took in the lovely village Sainte Vertu in Burgundy near Chablis. Inspired by nature itself ...beautiful walks... I am touched by the light, play of shadows and lights, nature when she wakes up in the morning and bursts in the evening ... I love her sweetness and lovely colors, peaceful ... A great gift that nature offers us every day ... every moment.
How can we not love it ???